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Conrad Technologies - Conrad, IA. IOWA - Conrad Technologies is a manufacturer of premium recessed plastic handles and custom recessed plastic handles.

Installation Requirements
  • 1.

    Engage the top channel of handle firmly against top surface of cutout

  • 2.

    Apply pressure in center of handle rotating about top channel

  • 3.

    Continue to apply pressure until handle snaps over bottom surface of cutout

* Reference Height Only
Cutout prototyping strongly recommended for ultimate fit

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3" Handle
5" Handle
Gasket Handle
Shallow Handle
Box Handle
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Conrad Technologies plastic recessed handles are convenient, attractive and cost effective. Our distinctive one-piece construction means less manufacturing time and therefore, lowers manufacturing costs. Effortless snap-in installation saves you vaulable time and simple cut-out design keeps your production cost low.

If you want a customized version, our changeable insert design allows for custom logos or instructions. We can customize your handles to suit the needs of your company. Let us know how we can help.

3" Handle Views

Front Side Back

5" Handle Views

Front Side Back


Standard Handles

Conrad Technologies is now offering more standard handles. Due to demands we will now offer our shallow depth model as well as our handle with gasket model as standard handles. What does this mean to you? When you order either of these products your manufacturing costs will be much cheaper, therefore lowering your overall cost.

Shallow Depth Model

Front Side Back

Gasket Model


Custom Handle Views

Front Side Back
Front Side Back
Front Side Back