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Conrad Technologies - Conrad, IA. IOWA - Conrad Technologies is a manufacturer of premium recessed plastic handles and custom recessed plastic handles.

Handle Customization
  • View Custom Handles with made with engraving or handles that can even be made for a cardboard box!.
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Custom Handle Options.



Conrad Technologies has the creativity and know how to construct customized handles to fit the needs of your company or office. Sleek, professional black and the more neutral gray are standard fare. However, sometimes a situation calls for a special color or size. We can customize our handles and make them yours and yours alone. Our molded-in engraving and raised lettering offer two different and dynamic solutions to customization challenges.

Our feedback form allows you to tell us exactly what you want and need in your customized handle. Please feel free to use the form to communicate your wishes and request a free sample.

Custom Handle Views

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Front Side Back
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